The “Fix Highway 50 Traffic First/Keep Us Rural” Initiative

Why do we need this initiative?
Hwy 50 morning commute traffic in the west county has reached "LOS F" (stop-and-go gridlock). In spite of this, the County is planning for 33,000 more homes that will worsen traffic by 50%. Policy 1 (read full text in the link below) prohibits approving more housing subdivisions if Cal Trans determines there is insufficient Hwy 50 capacity.

Policy 2 will protect rural areas from further high density housing subdivisions,and prevents approval of the 4,000 home Marble Valley project in Cameron Park, the 1,000 home San Stino project in Shingle Springs,1,000 homes in Central EDH and 600 homes in the Dixon Ranch project in El Dorado Hills.

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The “Fix Highway 50 Traffic First/Keep Us Rural” Initiative

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Rural Communities nited Ballot initiative

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Don't forget to call in your petition numbers on Wednesday and turn in your complete petitions to your coordinators as soon as you can.  We need additional help manning tables and walking neighborhoods.  Please check the schedule and volunteer where you can.  Look for more signature gathering locations on our Events page --->>

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